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posted Oct 28, 2014, 10:21 PM by Michael Conrad
Yes, yes, yes, Frown is done and we are slowly spilling our guts out to the reader... with any luck it is worth the 500 pennies we are asking for it. We will make negative dollars on this venture, but we have no regrets, Frown is a fine "hello" to the comics world. Anyway, head over to the shop on this very site and buy it... please.

In the meantime, here is an intro that I wrote for the comic, but decided not to include. 

My brother Winston moved out to California almost overnight in the middle of 2013. I had made California my home years prior, while Winston travelled the world living all over Europe, West Africa, and almost every major city on the Atlantic seaboard of the United States. Some of the places Winston lived meant very limited contact, periodically I would receive a letter along with magickal charms and protective baubles collected from these areas and their respective shamen/religious leaders/elders/what have you. I knew very little about what adventures my brother was undertaking, and what he would be like upon his return, I wondered if he would even be someone I could connect with after a decade of limited contact.

In September of 2011 my mother passed unexpectedly, my future wife and I flew to the small island just off the coast of Florida where she had been living. Winston met us at the gate and we embraced and shed tears together for the first time since we were children. As we sat by my mother’s bedside the television silently played in the corner of the room. The World Trade Center fell again and again on repeat marking the 10th anniversary of that loathsome day.

I was especially wounded by the passing of my mother due to our uneasy relationship. I had done a poor job keeping in touch with her ever since the ending of my parents marriage. I loved my mother dearly, and her life informs my choices, and helps shape my world view to this day, but I had to learn the lesson that there is not always another tomorrow.

That night we stayed up late, drinking too much and sharing stories. We cried and laughed, and I realized that while Winston had been doing very exciting things, and it had indeed changed him, the change was in that his light had gone ultraviolet. Everything was turned up, his interest in the world was stronger, and more clear, but he was still living in the same mysterious realm of uncertainty and doubt that I live in.

I didn’t see Winston much over the next two years, then suddenly he was essentially at my doorstep, just under three hours away. I would make the drive out to the wilderness he and his lovely wife chose to live in after becoming tired of the cramped nature of Brooklyn, we would drink beer and chat around the fire. Each time I went to his home I would be sure to grab a stack of comic books to leave behind.

We cut our teeth on horror comics, dabbled in superheroics, and eventually graduated to more adult material. Winston returned right around the time I had finished reading Grant Morrison’s “Supergods” and I was excited to pass him the book. This book reignited childhood dreams in us both to create comics.

I have never been a good member of an audience, I struggle to follow sports because I would rather play. I cannot simply listen to music, I must perform, so I thrust a brush into Winston’s hand and asked him to join me in creating a small story about a clown who can’t get a laugh. The process turned out to be so much more than expected. It has taken us a full year to create a very simple story to share with you.We have tried not to cut any corners in the process, which meant learning every part of comics production of the as we worked on it. We stumbled several times, and there are elements of this story that we wish we could have done better, but in the end we are brimming with pride to share this very raw and honest book with you the reader.

We plan on many more stories to follow this one, and we are both excited about the future and the comics we will make together. This comic brought us together in a way that little else has. We have travelled to cons to pick the brains of some of the finest creators in the business. We have had woeful moments of self doubt and insecurity. We have laughed and bonded, and once again we have become brothers.

Thank you for picking this book up, I hope you find something in it that speaks to you.