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Changing The Game. My adventures in LA: Costarring Winston Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Gerard Way, Fabio Moon, and Grant Morrison

posted Jul 31, 2014, 7:32 PM by Michael Conrad
    So yeah, I am changing the format of this blog a bit for a couple reasons, the main ones ate because I am busy as a bee. I can't trust myself to update this weekly because frankly, I have a lot of stuff I need to focus on.

FROWN: Man, we are getting down to the wire. Things are still in production, Jef is on the final 20 pages on the digital end, then we need to letter it and format it for print.

LA: Winston and I took a road trip down to LA to visit Becky Cloonan before SDCC. She and her Killjoys partner in crime Gerard Way were doing a signing at Meltdown (GREAT shop btw, incredible staff, great selection). Gerard was a real gentleman, and reconnecting with Becky was a blast. The Killjoys fans were all so nice, and it was a lot of fun to see Gerard and Becky interact with them. 
    Grant Morrison was hiding in the back, and no one knew it... I tracked him down and had a lengthy conversation with him, he was friendly and brilliant. We spoke about our respective writing projects and had a few laughs over a vodka/bubbly water.
    Fabio Moon had managed to slip in like a beautiful Brazilian Ninja, and he joined the crew rooting on the Killjoys team. We had some laughs and all went to dinner. After we went back to Meltdown for some late night comic shopping, then spent the rest of the evening drinking and talking comics at the hotel. Really a great time.

SLEIGHT: Fully scripted, this is the follow up to FROWN in some ways, but it is a stand alone story in its own right. I am really happy with how it feels and I am looking forward to seeing what Winston does with it visually. 

Life: Been super busy with the day job. In my off hours I have been working on various shorter scripts and trying to learn how to draw. If you follow me on any of the other social networks you may have seen some samples, but I will be sure to get some up here soon. Yesterday I came home to a package of quality brushes and paper, courtesy of Winston and I really look forward to working with better materials.

I picked up and read ESCAPO by Paul Pope... it is crazy good, and could actually fit well into the little world we are building with FROWN... pick it up!

Well... that's about the size of things right now. I will check in again in a few days. Be well.