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The Crunch

posted Mar 9, 2014, 1:01 PM by Michael Conrad
    Man, this month has been wild, the travel schedule has been hectic, and the day job has ramped up its demands. I have found less and less personal time over the past few days, but I have been working hard on a number of fronts. 
    Winston continues to turn in inked pages for Frown and it is looking fantastic. The process of watching an artist grow with each stroke has been both inspiring and humbling as I refine my craft in a less visceral sense. Writing is lonely, and the best one can hope for after hours of thinking, typing, deleting, etc... is for one of the few people who have access to the material in development to say "nice job"... that's the pay check... two words...
    Trying to put together this site has been a slow process, and it has just begun. What you find here is skeletal, I am trying to add more writing and material, but it is going at a snails pace, as I know nothing about this kind of thing. I typically jump on, spend hours screwing up, and Winston comes in behind me and tries to undo my errors... I am nothing without my Dr Gonzo, thanks Winston.
    Meanwhile I continue to write, and I met up with another artist that may be collaborating with me on another project. I will share links and all that jazz when we get rolling, to have more material in utero feels nice, and I look forward to having another project to stress out about.
    I head out to Boston, New Hampshire, and Brooklyn 9 days from now, return to the Bay Area and fly up to Seattle mere days after. I hope to add more stuff before I am up there for Emerald City Comic Con, but with all the plates I am spinning right now I will be happy just to find time to sleep.
    Thanks for stopping by, I will touch base again soon.