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posted Mar 13, 2014, 11:01 AM by Michael Conrad
    In addition to randomly posting updates I intend on sharing a weekly rundown of where things are at in my work and life in general. Without further ado here goes the list...

-Winston is several pages in on the inking of Frown, they are looking great and we are both really exited to be this deep into the process.

-Jef turned in The Mesh The Black, which you can find in the "Web Comics" section of the "Work" section. It has been met with a lot of praise, and we are both very grateful for the kind words and support.

-I have recruited another artist to work on something special with me. We are in discussions about what we will produce, but I am really excited to share some of his art when we get confirmed.

-I am terrible at this website stuff, once again leaning on Winston, I am happy with the progress of putting the website together.

-I am behind the game on True Detective, but 4 episodes in, I have to say it already holds a very special place in my heart. This show is fantastic and well worth watching if you too haven't done it yet.

-I am on day 10 of work, next week I visit the East Coast to catch up with family, almost immediately upon return Winston and I fly up to Seattle to attend ECCC.

-Ideally I will have another short story up in a few days, in the meantime please give the 2 I have up a read, or if you want to dabble in reading comic scripts I have a couple Batman shorts up in the "Scripts" section.

    That's the size of it right now, I wish you all well, I will touch base soon.