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posted Apr 23, 2014, 12:44 PM by Michael Conrad
   I am really starting to think calling these updates the "Weekly Rundown" was a mistake, if I may I will give an excuse or two for missing yet another week. The excuse: I have been writing a lot!
    It is tough writing so much and not really being able to share more here, but in the past week I have finished up 3 anthology pieces and sent them off to artists that I am working on. I am really excited about the progress that the artists have been making, and I suspect that the later half of 2014 will be really incredible. 
    Over the past week and a half I got to spend time in the company of some really talented creators in the form of Nick Dragotta, Brandon Graham, and Simon Roy. All three men were super cool and really inspiring in many ways. These meetings were pretty brief, but even in that short time I was able to bottle up some of their shine and dilute it with my own brand of insanity and drive. I feel like I have really turned a corner in terms of determining what I want to create, and what kind of expectations I have. Support these guys and their work!
    Speaking of work, Winston is all done with the inks on Frown and it is all scanned in for digital clean-up. We are hoping to have this thing ready soon, and I couldn't be happier. In the meantime Winston is in the preliminary stages of working on a fun little two page thing for the site... basically it serves as an excuse for him to let his inner child draw gigantic monsters, and who doesn't want to see gigantic monsters!
    I keep telling myself to break out the pencils and draw something for the site, so if I can find some time I would like to do that in between writing up a few more anthology stories, the follow up to Frown (yeah, there is a follow up to something that we don't even know anyone will like... fancy that, we actually do this stuff out of a passion for telling stories w/o concern for sales!), and a couple other surprise numbers.
    I wish you well, and will try to not take too long before the next update... in the meantime here are a few things I read this week that I would like you to check out!

-Simon Roy's "Jan's Atomic Heart and Other Stories"
-Brandon Graham's "Multiple Warheads"
-Hickman and Dragotta's "East Of West" (trades 1 and 2)
-Fraction and Zdarsky's "Sex Criminals" (first trade)