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posted May 12, 2014, 12:34 PM by Michael Conrad
      I have been BUSY! The long hours at the day job have not prevented me from remaining productive, but I have had to be picky about how I use my free time/energy.
    I thumbed out the entire Sleight story (the next big one by myself and Winston) and the drafting process has begun. This will be another 40+ page book about a magician who may have unknowingly tapped into something greater, putting him in the line of fire from a number of colorful characters. In many ways this book will prove far more challenging both in the art, and writing departments. As you will soon know Frown has a limited number of characters, this was by design as it is out first book, and the story really is about one man and how he struggles to cope with a very tough set of circumstances. Sleight takes a different approach, focused less on the main character, and shifting the lens over to the plot itself. I am excited and nervous about this next challenge.
    Frown is nearing completion of Jef does his digital clean up on it, after that the battleground will be on the lettering. Lettering is super important to us, and we understand that this is often over looked as a real hard step for creators. I just pray that we planned it out correctly, and that it plays properly. With fingers crossed, we are pretty near the end on this one, and look forward to having it ready for Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, come October.
    In the meantime I am still working on shorter anthology pieces, and chipping away at doing some drawing myself. The more I do, the more I am grateful that I have talented artists working on my writing, and I love them all dearly for their sacrifices. Drawing sucks, and when you are done, all you can see are all the messy bits. I will be putting those pages up the moment I get on a scanner that is big enough to handle the big pages I use.
    This week I will be going to see Sina Grace, a really talented comic maker who you would do well to familiarize yourself with. Sina will be at Mission Comics in San Francisco on Wednesday 05-14-2014 on his "Burn The Orphanage" tour and will be signing books. Don't miss out, and seriously, track down his work, you will not be disappointed.
    This weekend I will be heading out to San Jose, for Big Wow Comic Con with Winston to sniff around and see whats shaking. With any luck we can glad hand with some other new creators and share some war stories.
    That's gonna cover it for now I am afraid, lots to do, and time is limited.