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posted Jan 15, 2015, 8:19 PM by Michael Conrad
I hope you don't think that I haven't been hard at work, as a matter of fact I have been working so hard that I have neglected this blog... anyway...

-FROWN is selling really really well. I am very please about how it is being received and I feel really lucky to have the book moving n the numbers it has. Unexpected glory is the best glory, no?
-My brother and collaborator started a site, and I have really enjoyed having access to several of his cool (and FREE) stuff there... please go check out www.winstonconrad.com and follow along with me!
-I have been smashing through a lot of new projects, not the least of which, SLEIGHT, the follow up to FROWN. At last check Winston is 10 pages deep into the pencils, so it is coming along briskly.
-Winston and I have a couple co-written projects in the works including a straight horror tale with FROWN teammate Jef Overn... it is looking tasty as all hell... bring a barf bag.
-Win and I also have a super secret big deal thing, trust me, it is a big deal.
-I have been drawing a lot, recognizing my limitations, thankfully as a writer I need not worry too much about that.
-I have a couple short films in the works, we will see if they actually manifest.
-With Valentine's Day coming, I plan to throw another short story on here, so look for that.
-Did a bunch of podcasts over the past few months, EARTH TWO w/Becky Cloonan and Winston, Make Dad Read Comics, and Forever Midnight. So check your podcatchers for those ones, just look for the ones featuring your boy MC.

Gonna call it good at that. Happy 2015, I promise to touch base here again very soon.