The Mystery School Comics Group's first offering is a darkly humorous collection of short stories, one-off jokes, and black humor. Michael Conrad, Jef Overn, Justin McElroy, Winston Conrad and Ryan Taylor provide an array of comic strips, medical diagrams, and other curiosities. $6 (plus shipping) gets you 40 pages of Grand Guignol.

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Marcel is a clown who can't get a laugh. When his life takes a turn for the worse, He finally finds an audience as he blurs the line between performance art and self-destruction. Frown teeters between moral ambiguity and total tragedy - suggested for mature audiences with a fondness for immaturity.

Frown is a 40 page self-contained story that will set you back $5 (plus shipping).
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Dimthroat Comics presents their second collection of mindbending psychadelic underground comics including no fewer than three stories penned by Michael Conrad with artwork by MSG brothers Winston Conrad, Jef Overn, and Justin McElroy. Additional stories and artwork provided by Cory Thrall, Justin INVI Vilonna, Brad Gischia, Lesley Atlansky, and Jim Garmhausen.

$4 plus shipping gets you 6 full color stories.

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  • Mom 09-11-2015 On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I was in a room watching my mother die. There was a television mounted in the corner of the room showing the towers collapse on repeat, masses running in terror from the debris that flooded the streets in their wake. Talking heads waxed poetic about the attack, while my mother laid in bed, one leg missing, slowly letting go.I was conscious of the television, but it didn’t occur to me to ask for it to be turned off. All of my focus was on apologizing and controlling the spasm of grief ripping through my chest. I had been a terrible son, the last time I had seen my mother those building ...
    Posted Sep 11, 2015, 12:14 PM by Michael Conrad
  • Wayfarer etc. Wayfarer hit week two seemingly over night on and the reaction has been unbelievable. I'm really excited about the positive response to what Justin and I are doing with that story, what's more we are both dying to get more of the story to you guys. Justin and I are hard at work on another longer project that we are hoping to find a home for in the coming months, and I have a ton of other stuff I am working on with some old and new faces. As always finding the time to get it all done is a real challenge, but I live for this kind of thing.That said, thank you all for ...
    Posted Jul 11, 2015, 10:04 AM by Michael Conrad
  • Hello World. A Minor Spell is done, we have already sold out of the first printing... But what is A Minor Spell?A Minor Spell is an anthology comic put together by the Mystery School Comics Group, a collective of comics creators based primarily out of Northern California. Really the Mystery School is a group of friends who have come together to tell stories and make art. We were lucky enough to get support from a shop in Santa Rosa California (where I live) and we had a killer release party for it. The support was overwhelming, and as a result there will be a bit of a delay before it's available online. Once we have another run printed up I ...
    Posted Jul 1, 2015, 5:03 PM by Michael Conrad
  • With or Wachowski or Watching outski for the Wachowskis I haven’t gone to see Jupiter Ascending. It’s one of those things that I’ve been planning to do, but I just can’t get it done. I was excited to see the trailer all those months ago, saying aloud “I wanna see that!” Opening weekend has come and gone, leaving Jupiter Ascending in second place earning a whopping 92.7 million bucks. To a guy who makes a little less than that in a fiscal year it sounds good, but with just over 83 million to go to meet the initial nut, Jupiter Ascending has a lot of ascending left to do. Yes, Channing Tatum looks stupid with the eyeliner and stuff, but I can’t help ...
    Posted Feb 26, 2015, 3:36 PM by Michael Conrad
  • Sharks Never Stop Swimming... Been working on a bunch of long term projects, as such I have had little to offer lately. I promise I will at least put up a short story before long, in the meantime I have been really enjoying the positive feedback on Frown! Thank you to all who have picked it up, the reaction to it has been overwhelmingly positive.Anyway, just popping in to say hi, hope you all have had a positive start to the new year. 2015 is going to continue to rule, and I am excited to see what the year brings. Keep smiling.M
    Posted Feb 16, 2015, 2:05 PM by Michael Conrad
  • WOW, IT'S BEEN A BIT! I hope you don't think that I haven't been hard at work, as a matter of fact I have been working so hard that I have neglected this blog... anyway...-FROWN is selling really really well. I am very please about how it is being received and I feel really lucky to have the book moving n the numbers it has. Unexpected glory is the best glory, no?-My brother and collaborator started a site, and I have really enjoyed having access to several of his cool (and FREE) stuff there... please go check out and follow along with me!-I have been smashing through a lot of new projects, not the least of which ...
    Posted Jan 15, 2015, 8:19 PM by Michael Conrad
  • BUY FROWN NOW IN THE SHOP/FROWN INTRO Yes, yes, yes, Frown is done and we are slowly spilling our guts out to the reader... with any luck it is worth the 500 pennies we are asking for it. We will make negative dollars on this venture, but we have no regrets, Frown is a fine "hello" to the comics world. Anyway, head over to the shop on this very site and buy it... please.In the meantime, here is an intro that I wrote for the comic, but decided not to include.  My brother Winston moved out to California almost overnight in the middle of 2013. I had made California my home years prior, while Winston travelled the world living all over Europe, West Africa, and almost ...
    Posted Oct 28, 2014, 10:21 PM by Michael Conrad
  • I got old.     Well it happened, I am 35 now. I don't feel like a grown up, but there is no denying it at this point. Almost more importantly I celebrated my second anniversary of wedded bliss, which is real nice, as a matter of fact, aside from a major earthquake nearly leveling my wife's hometown things have been pretty good.    Winston uploaded a bunch of my artwork, under the webcomix section. While I don't really see myself as an artist, I do see myself as a comics creator and doing my own art has become something I have been working hard at to be able to generate more material. I am proud of what I have learned over the ...
    Posted Aug 27, 2014, 12:25 PM by Michael Conrad
  • Changing The Game. My adventures in LA: Costarring Winston Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Gerard Way, Fabio Moon, and Grant Morrison     So yeah, I am changing the format of this blog a bit for a couple reasons, the main ones ate because I am busy as a bee. I can't trust myself to update this weekly because frankly, I have a lot of stuff I need to focus on.FROWN: Man, we are getting down to the wire. Things are still in production, Jef is on the final 20 pages on the digital end, then we need to letter it and format it for print.LA: Winston and I took a road trip down to LA to visit Becky Cloonan before SDCC. She and her Killjoys partner in crime Gerard Way were doing a signing at Meltdown (GREAT shop btw ...
    Posted Jul 31, 2014, 7:32 PM by Michael Conrad
  • Weekly Rundown #8     So... I am well into drafting the follow up to Frown, which is getting ever closer to being wrapped up. We are pretty committed to getting it done and released in the fall, with any luck we can stay on target.    The follow up has a much different tone and pacing, but takes place in the same universe, and briefly features some faces that will be familiar from Frown. Obviously I am very excited about it, and I cannot wait to turn it over to Winston so he can begin drawing it.    I have so many other projects I am working on that I have felt a bit drawn out, but I am excited to have a bunch of stories ...
    Posted Jul 3, 2014, 5:43 PM by Michael Conrad
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